Jody Bragger

Jody Bragger is currently studying for his MPhil in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management through the School of the Environment at Hertford College, University of Oxford. Prior to this Jody has had a varied professional and academic career. He served eight years as a British Army officer in the Coldstream Guards. During this tenure he worked on intelligence collaboration in Helmand province, Afghanistan, opened the Palestinian Officer's academy in the West Bank and served on attachment with the United Nations in Somalia. It was here that he founded the Mogadishu Marathon, the country's first since the outbreak of civil war 26 years prior.  As an expedition film producer, he has won multiple awards in the adventure film space including at Banff, Kendall and Ottawa film festivals, most recently for his film about running across the nation of Tajikistan. He is currently the CEO of Midnight Runners which is a global, community-based sports organisation that provides free to use fitness on six continents. He holds a degree from the University of Leeds and attended the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst to commission. In his spare time, he boxes and competes in ultra-mountain marathons. 

The BRI offers the Central Asian range states of Panthera Uncia a once in a generation chance to bring economic opportunity to a region often overlooked in development. Like all projects of this scale, the ramifications for the area’s biodiversity, and in particular its flagship species Panthera Uncia remains hard…