Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) Policies

This overview provides a selection of relevant documents and policies that impact the environmental performance and sustainability of Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), with a particular focus on green finance.

Date (MM/DD/YYYY)Name of DocumentPublished byDescriptionKeywordsLink
04/28/2019Belt and Road Cooperation: For a Better WorldBelt and Road Forum Advisory CouncilThe report takes stock and gives recommendations how to improve the Belt and Road cooperation- governance
- green finance
- corruption
- multilateral cooperation
04/27/2019Joint Communique of the Leaders' Roundtable of the 2nd Belt and Road Forum for International CooperationBelt and Road ForumThe final communique of the Belt and Road Forum 2019 with signatures from 38 heads of government, one vice president, the UN Secretary General and IMF's Managing Director. It lays out ambitions of the Belt and Road Initiative.- policy synergy
- green finance
- green belt and road
- infrastructure
04/27/2019List of Deliverables of the Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperationn/aThe document lays out 283 results in six categories:
- initiatives proposed or launched by China
- bilateral and multilateral documents signed during or immediately before the second BRF
- multilateral cooperation mechanisms under the BRF framework
- investment projects and project lists
- financing projects
- projects by local authorities and enterprises
- BRI achievements
04/26/2019President Xi Jinping's Belt and Road Forum Keynote speech Belt and Road ForumSpeech laying out Chinese President Xi's vision for the next phase of the Belt and Road Initiative.- Belt and Road Forum
- clean growth
- green finance
04/25/2019Debt Sustainability Framework for Participating Countries of the Belt and Road InitiativeMinistry of Finance of People's Republic of ChinaThe debt sustainability framework (BRI-DSF) is applicable to the debt sustainability analysis of BRI low income countries. It is a non-mandatory policy framework to conduct debt sustainability analysis and manage debt risks to support lending decisions. - debt sustainability
- debt trap
04/22/2019The Belt and Road Initiative Progress, Contributions and ProspectsOffice of the Leading Group for Promoting the Belt and Road InitiativeA list of achievements regarding
- policy coordination,
- infrastructure connectivity,
- unimpeded trade
- financial integration
- closer people-to-people ties
- industrial cooperation
and ambitious prospects, such as
- peace
- prosperity
- opening up
- green development
- innovation
- connected civilizations
- clean government
- achievements of BRI
- contributions of BRI
- prospects of BRI
12/01/2018Belt and Road Green Investment Principles (GIP)Green Finance Leadership ProgramNon-binding principles for public and commercial banks to invest in green investments. The document was signed by some 30 banks during the 2nd BRI Forum in April 2019. - sustainable finance
- green finance
- commercial banks
01/26/2018China's Arctic Policy - Artic Silk Road White PaperState Council Information Office of the People's Republic of ChinaThe guidance document to develop the artic- sustainable development of the ArticLink
12/05/2017Vision and Actions on Energy Cooperation in Jointly Building Silk Road
Economic Belt and 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road
National Development and Reform commission (NDRC), National Energy Administration (NEA)White paper laying out energy cooperation in the BRI- energy cooperation
- "green and low-carbon development of regional energy"
05/16/2017Guiding Principles on Financing the Belt and RoadMinistry of Finance of People's Republic of ChinaThe principles were signed by finance ministers from 27 finance ministers (including China, Hungary, Cambodia, UK, Switzerland). They focus on cooperation, innovation and the important role in infrastructure.- finance ministers
- cooperation
05/16/2017Joint Communique of Leaders' Roundtable of Belt and Road Forum for International CooperationBelt and Road ForumThe document lays out ideals and cooperation modes for the Belt and Road Initiative. It was signed by 31 heads of state, the Secretary-General of the UN, the President of the World Bank Group and the Managing Director of the IMF. - international cooperation
- economic growth
- mutual benefit
- consultation on equal footing
- balance and sustainability
05/14/2017The Belt and Road Ecological and Environmental Cooperation PlanMinistry of Environmental Protection (MEP) (now Ministry of Ecology and Environment)High-level ambitious plan to make the Belt and Road Initiative ecologically sustainable, while abiding to local laws.- ecological civilization
- environmental action
05/14/2017The Belt and Road Ecological and Environmental Cooperation PlanMinistry of Environmental Protection(MEP)The document lays out cooperation on eco-environmental protection in the BRI. It elaborates on several priority areas, including "Study on Green Investment and Financing".- environmental protection
- green finance
- international cooperation
05/08/2017Guidance on Promoting Green Belt and RoadMinistry of Ecology and Environment of People's Republic of ChinaA summary of high-level opinions on greening the Belt and Road Initiative, including ecological civilization philosophy, environmental governance and high-level ambitions.- environmental protection
- ecological civilization
- environmental governance
- Green Belt and Road Initiative
04/08/2017Guidelines on Further Guiding and Regulating Overseas
National Development and Reform commission (NDRC), Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM), People's Bank of China (PBOC), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)Guidelines laying out regulations for overseas investments, including "green, open, harmounious, shared, win-win, opening-up guiding principles- prohibiting investments in areas that endanger national interest and securityLink in English

Link in Chinese
03/30/2015Vision and Actions on Jointly Building Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk RoadNational Development and Reform commission (NDRC), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Commerce (MofCom)Document laying out the foundations and strategy of the Belt and Road Initiative- Belt and Road fundamentals
- BRI priorities
- BRI cooperation mechanisms
03/01/2013Environment Protection for Overseas Investment and CooperationMinistry of Commerce (MofCom), Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) (now Ministry of Ecology and Environment MEE)The guidance document adopts a host-country approach, recommends enterprises to conduce environmental impact assessment and appraisal with respect to host country regulation, comply with the host country emission standards, protect and compensate for ecosystem and biodiversity in local context, and encourages enterprises to release environmental performance information. - BRI environmental protection and environmental performance for enterprisesLink (in English)